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Interesting Python Tutorials

Hi there folks! I have read some interesting Python tutorials lately. I would love to share them with you. Without any further ado let me list them over here:

1. Composing Music With Recurrent Neural Networks

I loved this tutorial. It is a bit old but still worth a read. The author has explained the theory behind his implementation. You will enjoy this tutorial if you are interested in signal processing, machine learning and/or music.

2. Page dewarping using OpenCV

This was an interesting read. I am not well versed in computer vision but still loved to read the theory behind the dewarping of an image of a curled page. The author does a great job at explaining the whole process and the algorithms used.

3. 10 Interesting Python Modules to learn in 2016

This is a good compilation of some of the famous Python libraries and modules. I have personally used almost all of them. I am linking this here because not only does this article lists the modules but because it also provides sample code for the specific module being discussed.

4. Modern face recognition with Deep Learning

This article shows how modern face recognition works. The author takes you from isolating a face from an image to predicting which person does that face belong to. I learned a lot of new stuff from this tutorial. For instance, I had no idea what the HOG algorithm did before I read this tutorial.

5. How to score 0.8134 in Titanic Kaggle Challenge

This was a highly informative read. I learned the basic workflow of a data scientist. The author does a great job of teaching you the basics of data science. He starts from exploratory data analysis of the data-set and ends with hyper parameter tuning of his predictive models.

I hope you will enjoy reading these articles. If there is anything you would like to ask me just know that I am only an email away. I reply to most of the emails I get. Even if you want to discuss any freelancing opportunity just hit me up. This is my email.

Till next time!

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Intermediate Python conquers the World! (Almost)

Hi there folks! I hope you are all fine. It’s been almost a year since I published Intermediate Python. It was my life goal to publish a book which really helps people. Today I saw the stats of the book after a long time. I was pretty ecstatic to know that the English version (It is also available in Chinese and Russian) of the book has been read in 181 countries. Just 15 countries short of the whole world. Continue reading

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Python Sorted Collections

Hey folks! This is a guest post by Grant Jenks. Let’s give him a warm welcome and get right on into what he has to say.🙂

Hello all! I’m Grant Jenks and I’m guest-posting about one of my favorite topics: Python Sorted Collections.

Python is a little unusual regarding sorted collection types as compared with other programming languages. Three of the top five programming languages in the TIOBE Index include sorted list, sorted dict or sorted set data types. But neither Python nor C include these. For a language heralded as “batteries included” that’s a little strange. Continue reading

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Intermediate Python is now Available in Chinese

Hi there folks! I am sure you all are fine. It’s been a long time since I wrote on this blog. I have some very important exams coming up due to which I was/am not able to provide the required time to this blog.

I am happy to inform you that Intermediate Python is now available in Chinese! Continue reading