Reverse engineering myspace

Hi guys! In todays post we will be looking into and check whether it is possible to download songs with python or not. If it is possible then we will make a python script which will assist us in downloading the songs. Continue reading Reverse engineering myspace

Python Quick Reference v2.7

Hi there everyone. We all have experienced that time when we say “what was that function called ?”, “was it called get_attr() or post_attr() ?” Recently I came across a wonderful Python Quick Reference for version 2.7 . It contains some useful information. I hope you will find it very Continue reading Python Quick Reference v2.7

Making a Reddit + twitter Bot

Hi there pythonistas. I hope you are all fine. In this post I am going to teach you how we can make a Reddit + Twitter bot. What this bot will do is that it will copy post titles and url from any subreddit that you want and then it will post them to twitter keeping the 140 characters length in mind. Continue reading Making a Reddit + twitter Bot

Making a twitter bot in python

Hi there guys. I hope you are fine. In this post I am going to tell you how you can make a twitter auto favouriter or a.k.a Twitter Bot. I am not going to make a twitter follower as it will get you banned quickly if you use it a lot. This post is going to help you to increase your twitter followers organically. By organically I mean that your followers Continue reading Making a twitter bot in python

Simple Sudoku solver in python

Hi there pythonistas! We all know that Sudoku is a great game. Some of us even bet on this game but did you know that you can use python to make a Sudoku solver ? In this post I am going to share with you a Sudoku solver written in python. From now on you will win all Sudoku challenges. However let me tell you that I am not the original writer of this script. I stumbled over this script on stack-overflow. Continue reading Simple Sudoku solver in python

Making a song downloader with python

Hi there folks. Some time ago i was very much interested in how music downloaders for various websites worked. In order to learn this i went forward to make my own downloader for . Currently does not allow users to download songs so this was a very good chance for me to learn Continue reading Making a song downloader with python