Reverse Engineering Facebook API: Private Video Downloader

Welcome back! This is the third post in the reverse engineering series. The first post was reverse engineering Soundcloud API and the second one was reverse engineering Facebook API to download public videos. In this post we will take a look at downloading private videos. We will reverse engineer the API calls made by Facebook and will try to figure out how we can download videos in the HD format (when available). Continue reading Reverse Engineering Facebook API: Private Video Downloader

Reverse engineering myspace

Hi guys! In todays post we will be looking into and check whether it is possible to download songs with python or not. If it is possible then we will make a python script which will assist us in downloading the songs. Continue reading Reverse engineering myspace

Looking Inside Dropbox – whitepaper

Hi there folks. We all know that dropbox is made in python. It’s website is made with pyramid and it’s desktop applications are made with python. The existing Python bytecode reversing techniques are not enough for reversing hardened applications like Dropbox. Recently I came accross Continue reading Looking Inside Dropbox – whitepaper