Learning Python For Data Science

For those of you who wish to begin learning Python for Data Science, here is a list of various resources that will get you up and running. Included are things like online tutorials and short interactive course, MOOCs, newsletters, books, useful tools and more. We decided to put this together so that you can begin learning Data Science with Python right of the bat, without having to spend hours surfing the web in search of resources. Please note that while we believe the list is comprehensive, it is by no means exhaustive. We probably have missed out on a couple of nice resources so feel free to mention them in the comments if you are so inclined. 🙂

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Python for Scientists

This is a guest post by Brian David Hall from codenhance.com. He develops tutorials and resources to help scientists learn to code, including his latest Kickstarter project, Learn the Command Line … for Science!

Spoiler alert: in this post, I will argue that Python is the best programming language for scientists to learn. Forget Perl, Java, FORTRAN, IDL, or whatever else they were pushing when you got your degree. This type of discussion is usually emotionally charged – many a flame war has been fought over programming languages. Feelings will get hurt. Heads will roll. But first …

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Python Quick Reference v2.7

Hi there everyone. We all have experienced that time when we say “what was that function called ?”, “was it called get_attr() or post_attr() ?” Recently I came across a wonderful Python Quick Reference for version 2.7 . It contains some useful information. I hope you will find it very Continue reading Python Quick Reference v2.7