Monthly Roundup: February 2018

Hi guys!

I hope you are all doing well! I am back with the a curation of the best articles, news and trending GitHub projects from February 2018. If you come across any articles, news, projects in March which you feel like should be a part of the next newsletter please reach out to me. I will love to add them to the list! Continue reading Monthly Roundup: February 2018

PyCharm 3.0 Community Edition

The makers of the hugely popular Python IDE PyCharm recently announced a community edition of their Python IDE.  JetBrains announced that they will be offering a community Edition of PyCharm however it will have some stripped down features for example it will not have builtin support for pyramid etc. However the Continue reading PyCharm 3.0 Community Edition

Python News 13 Oct 2013

Hi folks in this post i am going to share with you news from the python world. This is like a roundup of monthly news.

Latest News
1. NHS drops Oracle for Python, Riak, Redis, RabbitMQ, Tornado, Flask and more
The UK government’s quest to get public services Continue reading Python News 13 Oct 2013