Email Security & Privacy

Hi everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. Things have been super exciting on my side. Just got done with a file system checker project in C for my Operating Systems class. It was mentally draining but equally rewarding. This blog post is not about Python but rather about Emails. Continue reading Email Security & Privacy


Review: The History of Unix Video

Hi everyone! If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know how much I love computers. I recently watched this video about the history of Unix and decided to write a short post about it. It’s a one hour presented by Rob Pike who joined Bell labs and worked on Unix in the 70’s. I got to know about the video via Hacker News (you should definitely follow it if you don’t!). Continue reading Review: The History of Unix Video

Privacy & Why it Matters

⚠️ Long post about privacy. Doesn’t relate to Python at all. Do read if you care and want to learn more about how your privacy is being violated.

Last couple of weeks have totally changed my whole viewpoint on privacy. I was also a part of that bandwagon in which people say that “Why should I be worried about privacy when I don’t have anything to hide or I don’t do anything illegal?”. You start taking it seriously only when your privacy is breached. Let me reiterate, privacy is a fundamental right and should be granted to everyone. Continue reading Privacy & Why it Matters

Sending & Sniffing WLAN Beacon Frames using Scapy

Hi everyone! Over the summers I did research on Wi-Fi and part of my research involved sending and receiving different kinds of IEEE 802.11 packets. I did most of this stuff using Scapy so I thought why not create a tutorial about it? When I started my research I had to look through multiple online articles/tutorials in order to get started with Scapy. In order to save you time I am going to bring you up-to speed by running you through a short tutorial. Continue reading Sending & Sniffing WLAN Beacon Frames using Scapy

Practical Python Projects Book

Hi everyone! I am super proud to announce that my second book 🎉🎉Practical Python Projects🎉🎉 is alhamdulillah almost halfway done content-wise. This book is a direct result of a market gap which I found when I started programming a couple of years back. Most programming beginners have access to multiple resources to teach themselves the basics of Python (or any other language) but they don’t have access to those books/tutorials where they are taught to create end-to-end projects in a specific language. A fair amount of online tutorials and beginner textbooks teach the reader only the basics of a language without real-life concrete project development.

Continue reading Practical Python Projects Book

A FIFA 2018 World Cup SMS bot using Twilio, Heroku and Flask

Hi everyone! I am back with yet another tutorial. Its World Cup season and every other person is rooting for his/her favorite team. I was thinking about the next blog post idea and I thought why not create a project which can help you stay updated with how the world cup is progressing? And along the way, I might be able to teach myself (and you) something new. The end product is this tutorial. The project we are going to be developing is a Twilio application, hosted on Heroku. It is a chat (SMS) bot or sorts. You will be able to send various special messages to this bot and it will respond with the latest World cup updates. Continue reading A FIFA 2018 World Cup SMS bot using Twilio, Heroku and Flask

An Intro to Web Scraping With lxml and Python

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. In this article, I’ll teach you the basics of web scraping using lxml and Python. I also recorded this tutorial in a screencast so if you prefer to watch me do this step by step in a video please go ahead and watch it below. However, if for some reason you decide that you prefer text, just scroll a bit more and you will find the text of that same screencast.

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