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Python for Scientists

This is a guest post by Brian David Hall from He develops tutorials and resources to help scientists learn to code, including his latest Kickstarter project, Learn the Command Line … for Science!

Spoiler alert: in this post, I will argue that Python is the best programming language for scientists to learn. Forget Perl, Java, FORTRAN, IDL, or whatever else they were pushing when you got your degree. This type of discussion is usually emotionally charged – many a flame war has been fought over programming languages. Feelings will get hurt. Heads will roll. But first …

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Future Plans and logit-bin

Oh hi there guys. Its been really a long time since I wrote my last post. Don’t think that I forgot about you guys. I was just a hell lot busy in recent days. Firstly my own exams. But I am happy to tell you guys that I was really successful in them. Secondly I had a competition coming up so I remained a lot busy. So what about the next post. The next post which is currently in draft form is “writing cleanup script in python” Continue reading