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Making a Reddit + Facebook Messenger Bot

Hi guys! I haven’t been programming a lot lately because of exams. However, on the past weekend I managed to get a hold of my laptop and crank out something useful. It was a Facebook messenger bot which servers you fresh memes, motivational posts, jokes and shower thoughts. It was the first time I had delved into bot creation. In this post I will teach you most of the stuff you need to know in order to get your bot off the ground. Continue reading

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Importing with ctypes in Python: fighting overflows


On some cold winter night, we’ve decided to refactor a few examples and tests for Python wrapper in Themis, because things have to be not only efficient and useful, but elegant as well. One thing after another, and we ended up revamping Themis error codes a bit.

Internal error and status flags sometimes get less attention than crypto-related code: they are internals for internal use. Problem is, when they fail, they might break something more crucial in a completely invisible way. Continue reading

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Python Sorted Collections

Hey folks! This is a guest post by Grant Jenks. Let’s give him a warm welcome and get right on into what he has to say. 🙂

Hello all! I’m Grant Jenks and I’m guest-posting about one of my favorite topics: Python Sorted Collections.

Python is a little unusual regarding sorted collection types as compared with other programming languages. Three of the top five programming languages in the TIOBE Index include sorted list, sorted dict or sorted set data types. But neither Python nor C include these. For a language heralded as “batteries included” that’s a little strange. Continue reading

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Learning Python For Data Science

For those of you who wish to begin learning Python for Data Science, here is a list of various resources that will get you up and running. Included are things like online tutorials and short interactive course, MOOCs, newsletters, books, useful tools and more. We decided to put this together so that you can begin learning Data Science with Python right of the bat, without having to spend hours surfing the web in search of resources. Please note that while we believe the list is comprehensive, it is by no means exhaustive. We probably have missed out on a couple of nice resources so feel free to mention them in the comments if you are so inclined. 🙂

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OCR on PDF files using Python

Hi there folks! You might have heard about OCR using Python. The most famous library out there is tesseract which is sponsored by Google. It is very easy to do OCR on an image. The issue arises when you want to do OCR over a PDF document.

I am working on a project where I want to input PDF files, extract text from them and then Continue reading

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Free Weekly Python Workshop

Hi there everyone!

I have an interesting opportunity for you guys. I am planning on doing a weekly online Python workshop. It will be for 2 hours every week. This is only for women (for now) who want to get started with programming or want to improve their current knowledge. It is entirely free. This is your best chance to learn from me. The seats will be limited to 5-10 in the first batch as it is an experiment for me as well. So try to fill in the form as soon as you can. I will announce the names of the selected candidates after a couple of days.

Best of luck!


PS: You can share this form with anyone else you know who would be interested in this opportunity.

If you have any questions then feel free to write them in the comments bellow. I would love to answer them 🙂


Implementing Email Sending Functionality in a Django App

Hi there folks! Recently I was doing a task for fossasia which required me to make a Django web app which allowed users to submit their email addresses and receive a welcome email in return. I was able to complete the project in a couple of hours. Most of the time was spent in making the UI look good. I am going to show you how you can easily make a similar app.
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