New Python books

Hi folks welcome back to yet another article. This one is going to be short. In this post I will be sharing two new books which have recently come out. So without wasting any time lets look at them.

Its been a long time since we saw a new Tkinter book out there. This book has received some good critics by the professional python programmers. According to the overview given on the website you will :

  • Develop 10 real GUI applications using procedural and object-oriented styles
  • Write network programs, database-driven programs, multi-threaded programs and more with Tkinter
  • A practical guide to discover the best practices involved in writing GUI applications


Test-Driven Development with Python focuses on web development, with some coverage of JavaScript.  This book uses a concrete example—the development of a website, from scratch—to teach the TDD metholology. This book is not completed as yet however most of it has been completed. You can read this book online for free or buy it from O’Reilly.


So now we come to an end of yet another useful post. Do follow me on twitter, follow this blog and comment below to share your views and to give me an idea about a future post. I will be waiting for your comments.

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